Watch Events of Year 04

The events of 2004 shape the dark history of the world and events. We take it further on $2 tier where the parallels and coincidences cannot be ignored. Deep State EXPOSED

JFK Jr not Coming back from wonderland

This and all others like it were very wrong. John Kennedy Jr and Entourage are not with us. Any evidence to the contrary was Deep Faked.

Watch: Who made a 10 yr old King?

Watch “Time Has come” on YouTube

Quantum autonomous vehicle program

NBA Cancels Season, message for the out of power Deep State.

Saudi Arabia Infighting Affecting the US

News Brief 3.7 Epstein Cases dropping and possible Witness tampering?

The Appalachian Mafia, Meeting

The 3/6 mafia, Barr Hiding? HRC news, Corona, NFLPA CBA dilemma