For Distribution

Patriots, now is the time to support your local small business owners, brick and mortar or online. The shutdown is glaring light on the corporations who use fear and hysteria against the people, to benefit their bottom line. Every major company that is now in the dark are who has profited from tragedies of the past.




For a moment.

In my opinion, small business owners would benefit greatly during this time by waving sales tax for a week or two. The country would surely come together to support middle class families trying to make a living, offering great products, manufactured right here in the USA. We will have an updated tshirt selection up and ready by Monday with zero extra cost from manufacturing and working to implement a discount into purchases.

Aside from that, support local farmers, markets, anything small is how we micro manage our way back and stick it to the corporate bloodthirsty.

We Are America, land of The Free, Home of the Brave, built to survive anything.