The Truth Ritual Part 2

Continuation of the President Trump press conference at the United Nations decode.

2 thoughts on “The Truth Ritual Part 2”

  1. I know you didnt know us but all ‘tis are welcome to this. She was a ti and supportive of all. You might want to get to know some of us because it’s so much easier when others understand. You will also be informed where the protest are. The one in Washington should be good. I hope this doesn’t bother you. I had no one to talk to when my targeting started. These are very nice people from different backgrounds with the same targeting.


  2. I know it’s not a coincidence that The Bush and Trump were rubbing elbows at the time of Tesla’s files.There we an oil man and real estate with towers.The picture I saw one a documentary of Tesla showed the wardencliffe and the New Yorker buildings where he was staying and doing his experiments. The antennas on top reminded me so much of the twin towers.There are also tunnels under the New Yorker. They showed communication area that connect the old phones.and past that the tunnels were found. Then I learn that the Washington monument has a pole that goes goes many feet down under it. I had never heard that before. That news came from a preacher that I listen to on tv, He was telling about one man that claimed he could go to heaven because he donated millions to be spent on the monument. He had no idea of what I was looking at and doesn’t know me at all. It was just in the sermon he preached on that day. Now I know that the direct energy weapons have a huge part at the monument. I hope I’m not bugging you. Like I said before I just research for myself and have no platform and that’s fine by me because I don’t want one. I’m sharing with you because I know you are not afraid of the truth and have more tenacity than any of the others. You probably already know all this. I’ve watch several documentaries on Tesla but the one on HULU was the most informative to understanding how electromagnetic energy works. If you haven’t seen thus one it’s calked The Tesla files. Wow amazing stuff.


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