This path has already led to some disturbing discoveries. This may or not be relevant to Q, I certainly hope it is not. In Q Post 262, Q further confirms our Obama AIDS Video Decode. Q also says “Think Circle”, which to me, means Arctic Circle.

There are 2 paths that form here. The 1st path, to me is obvious, Scandanavian countries with a Red Cross flag. Since we kicked in the backdoor at Normandy, we found 100 and SEVI in President Trump’s D-Day 75 Year Anniversary Speech was code. Cracking the code, we found SEVI was being used to make a hybrid AIDS Virus to be used as a WMD. In #IronEagle3, we discovered the missing children from Haiti were most likely used as the test subjects to find the cure for AIDS.

Now onto the Arctic. Remember, maybe, maybe not relevant, but Q sent us on one or both paths. What liquid is Iron found in? Answer: Blood. Replace Iron with Blood and you get #BloodEagle. What exactly is that? To get this answer, we must travel back in time to when the Vikings ruled the Arctic Circle.

The blood eagle is a ritualized method of execution, detailed in late skaldic poetry. According to the two instances mentioned in the Sagas, the victims (in both cases members of royal families) were placed in a prone position, their ribs severed from the spine with a sharp tool, and their lungs pulled through the opening to create a pair of “wings”. There is continuing debate about whether the ritual was a literary invention, a mistranslation of the original texts, or an authentic historical practice.

This is a sketch of a Blood Eagle ritual


The Vikings didn’t come into towns walking on moonbeams and rainbows. If their sagas are to be believed, the Vikings cruelly tortured their enemies in the name of their god Odin as they conquered territory. If the suggestion of a blood eagle was even uttered, one left town and never looked back.
Viking sagas define blood eagle as one of the most painful and terrifying torture methods ever created. The story describes:

“Earl Einar went to Halfdan and carved blood-eagle on his back in this wise, that he thrust a sword into his trunk by the backbone and cut all the ribs away, from the backbone down to the loins, and drew the lungs out there….”

The History Of Blood Eagle Executions

One of the earliest accounts of the use of the blood eagle is thought to have occurred in 867. It began a few years before, when Aella, king of Northumbria (present-day North Yorkshire, England), fell victim to a Viking attack. Aella killed the Viking leader Ragnar Lothbrok by throwing him into a pit of live snakes.

In revenge, Lothbrok’s sons invaded England in 865. When the Danes captured York, and Lothbrok’s son who was also the most feared Viking of his day, Ivarr the Boneless, saw to it that Aella would be killed.

Of course, killing him wasn’t good enough. Ivarr’s father Ragnar had —allegedly — met a gruesome fate by a pit of snakes.

Ivarr the Boneless wanted to make an example out of Aella and to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies.

Thus, he committed the damned king to the blood eagle.

How It Worked

Modern scholars debate how Vikings performed this ritual torture and in fact whether they even performed the gruesome method at all. The process of the blood eagle is indeed so cruel and grisly that it would be difficult to believe that it could actually be carried out. Regardless of whether it is merely a work of literary fiction, there is no denying the fact that the ritual was stomach-churning.

The victim’s hands and legs were tied to prevent escape or sudden movements. Then, the person seeking vengeance stabbed the victim by his tailbone and up towards the rib cage. Each rib was then meticulously separated from the backbone with an ax, which left the victim’s internal organs on full display.

The victim is said to have remained alive throughout the entire procedure. What’s worse, the Vikings would then literally rub salt into the gaping wound in the form of a saline stimulant.

As if this wasn’t enough, after having all of the person’s ribs cut away and spread out like giant fingers, the torturer then pulled out the lungs of the victim to make it appear as if the person had a pair of wings spread out on his back.

Thus, the blood eagle was manifested in all its gory glory. The victim had become a slimy, bloody bird.


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