My Fellow Patriots,

By now, many of you have seen the entire build of The Plan. You have seen the timeline that has been set for us. In Trailer 1, you saw the reason a well thought out, precise plan is needed. (((They))) got to the POTUS, the most protected person on Earth. Their influence allowed the perfect opportunity to strike…..cont’d

In Trailer 2, you saw the fallout from the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. You saw the public profile of FLOTUS Jackie Kennedy begin to rise even more than it had previously, you saw footage of the assassination where, to me, it clearly shows EVERYONE in the car knew where to position themselves to stay out of harms way. We also touched on the 1st run at executing the plan with President Ronald Reagan. If you missed it, here it is for you again…cont’d

We were then ready to begin. In Part 1 of The Plan, Using Q’s suggestion of #FollowTheWives, we dove into the background of Jackie Bouvier-Kennedy-Onassis and we found some disturbing things in her past that opened the door to more digging. What we found shocked many to the point of anger, unable to digest the information. Sometimes, the truth hurts, especially when you have been led to believe that people are one way, when in fact, they are the polar opposite. The rise to the top of the Illuminati, and dubbed the nickname Jackie-O is a direct result of her past, as her intel on two of the rising Bloodlines of the Illuminati, The Kennedy Bloodline and The Onassis Bloodline, led to the assassinations of JFK, Robert F. Kennedy, Aristotle Onassis, and possibly his son, Alexander, essentially eliminating both as competition for the Rockefeller Bloodline, both professionally and politically. We made the link to how the government was gaining Intelligence on The Elite. While this is all happening, we also told the story of the rise of Donald Trump in the New York Elite. We started getting little hints of a future run at the Presidency for The Donald as well as problems mounting between him and The Cabal. If you missed it, here it is…..cont’d

This led us to Part 2 of The Plan. The public profiles of John F. Kennedy Jr and Donald Trump began to take shape. While Donald ran into some financial trouble, JFK Jr. launched the pop culture/political magazine George, publically stating the magazine was paying homage to our Republics 1st President, George Washington. However, in private, Jr. credited the name to the person in charge of the Op to assassinate his father, George Herbert Walker Bush. We revealed the secret wedding of JFK Jr and Carolyn Bessette, the bromance blossoming between him and Trump, the Plane Crash and inconsistencies surrounding it, and HUGE crumbs revealed about the future in a Trump appearance on Larry King Live in October of 1999. Here is Part 2 of The Plan, in case you missed it.

This leads us into the 3rd Installment of The Plan. There is a reason that the whole story must be told prior to telling this part, which has never been told, not correctly anyway. Part 3 will be based mostly on the evolution of technology, the different Ops that come together to form The Plan, and those who can be credited for writing it. However many more installments it takes to tell this part, there will be a wide range of emotions for the viewer. One of the ops involved in The Plan will be controversial. Another will show that someone we have all felt in our hearts to be one of the Blackest Hats of them all may possibly be one of the Whitest. Its possible that we have pegged this person so incredibly wrong that we have been communicating with them. Its is very important to remember that A, I have all of the supporting documents for what will be revealed (they will all be available for download when video is released). B, it will be important to remember why we are here, what the big picture is, and the influence we have had Making America Great. To me, that is the reason I am here in the 1st place. Our legacy will be written in history as the most important Op in modern times. We are succeeding, but there is still much work to be done for the betterment of our Republic. I firmly stand by all the research and conclusions laid out in all videos above (and on my YT channel in general). If JFK JR is in fact alive, what has he been doing all this time and where? My theory on that is interesting and plausible. Trump, The Apprentice, and the love from celebrities will all be discussed. Many who now claim hes racist sure didnt mind hanging out with him every chance they got. Part 3: Activation of The Plan will premiere Sunday, May 19th at 8pm et on YT. Those that join the premiere get secret codes i place in videos sometimes so try to join live as much as possible. Thank you all for your support, Patriots!




  1. I really liked watching all of these videos again. It brought to light the past videos I have watched. Great, quick refresher. Thank-You again.


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