1Yr Delta, Santa Claus coming soon perhaps?

The Truth, Lies in NORMANDY


A LOT of connections and possibilities!

The Benghazi Fughese, But What is hidden beneath?

If this rings true, could blow the lid off the last 20 yrs of Lies and Covers from our Bullshit elected, [and Non-Elected], officials, who play roulette with Great American lives.

Republican House Select Committee Report (fake news)

Democrat Select House Committee Report (fake news)

Email Chain Setting Up Talking Points for MSM Appearances

FOIA Resistance


Book of 68 and DeCLASS may have happened!


Ya Done Now. Those who Eat children have infiltrated. Protect and serve.

11.10, Senate was target. Did basic Math open the backdoor, for All to get flushed?

I’m the [human psyche] And Cannot be Defeated

Many tried, ZERO conquered all. Now Get Off My lawn.

Earthquake on 8 Island!!

Crane ordered then cancelled Amid Falling leaves.

Unlawful Sun is An Extremely hot

Greetings From Da Island of eight

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